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Discounts in RB.UA

Discounts on Ray-Ban glasses from RB.UA

• for the buyer's birthday, plus-minus 1 week (passport / driver's license / Diya is presented)
• for all subsequent (not first) glasses purchase
• when buying 2 or more glasses at a time (even when buying for the first time)

• any of these discounts can only be combined with glasses on sale and cannot be combined with short-term promotions when there is a discount on all or almost all glasses

from 5 to 50%
(200–4000 UAH)
• for glasses on sale (there are over 100 discounted Ray-Bans here all the time)

Gift certificates
Сертификат Ray-Ban на 2500 грн.
Сертификат Ray-Ban на 3000 грн.
Сертификат Ray-Ban на 3500 грн.
Сертификат Ray-Ban на 4000 грн.
Сертификат Ray-Ban на 5000 грн.
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