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If you have heard good reviews about some Ray-Ban eyewear online store in Ukraine, it is almost certainly about us — there is simply no other similar store B)

We are the only specialized online store exclusively for Ray-Bans. Only original Ray-Ban glasses. Only officially imported into Ukraine. There is no other such store in Ukraine.

We are Ray-Ban fans! We know almost everything about them and strive to know even more. We keep a close eye on new lenses, eyewear, the latest manufacturing techniques and everything related to the Ray-Ban brand. We can safely say that no one in Ukraine (at least) loves Ray-Bans like we do!

All the glasses you see on our site are in stock. They are not somewhere "there". They can be delivered or sent to you today for try-on. Moreover, do not hesitate to choose many models that you like and we will bring them to choose from in Kyiv. Or select 2 models and we will send them for try-on in any other city of Ukraine. All this is absolutely free.

It can be anyone, but not a RB.UA consultant

All new items, models from next year's collections, appear first with us, and only after some time — in other stores. The most up-to-date information about Ray-Ban glasses, you can only find in our store.

Buying with us is convenient and pleasant. As pleasant as wearing Ray-Ban glasses purchased from our store afterward. Try it!

Approximately such a smile remains on the face of the buyer RB.UA
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Сертификат Ray-Ban на 2500 грн.
Сертификат Ray-Ban на 3000 грн.
Сертификат Ray-Ban на 3500 грн.
Сертификат Ray-Ban на 4000 грн.
Сертификат Ray-Ban на 5000 грн.
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