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Ray-Ban glasses warranty

6 months warranty

All original Ray-Ban glasses (regardless of where you buy them) have manufacturer's warranty against manufacturing defects of 6 months from the date of purchase, subject to the rules of transportation, savings and operating rules, as well as the condition of efficient and safe use. Let's try to figure out what is a factory defect and what is not.

A few useful comments right away:

1. The information booklets that come with all Ray-Bans are not a "passport" or an "international guarantee". They are just informational pamphlets.

2. There is no such thing as an international guarantee (or we have not come across, and we have been dealing with original Ray-Ban glasses in Ukraine for more than 10 years). Yes, if you bought glasses in Ukraine, you will not be able to return, replace, or repair them for free anywhere in Europe or other countries of the world. And vice versa, with glasses bought in other countries or duty free, you will not be able to make any "warranty manipulations" anywhere in Ukraine.

3. Yes, Ray-Ban glasses, like any other expensive glasses we know, can break (especially if you sit or step on them), their lenses can break (especially if they fall on asphalt or tile). And at the same time, by themselves, they break extremely and extremely rarely.

What can be considered as a warranty case

1. Lens Defects: Defective coating or material not related to the use of glasses. Situations are quite rare, we deal with them very simply - we thoroughly check every point that we will sell.

2. Frame defects: cracks / microcracks, problems with the "flex" mechanism, problems with fasteners. Such problems are also quite rare, but met a couple of times.

Out of warranty cases

1. Glasses are broken due to physical force applied to them, falling, etc.

2. Scratches, cracks, chips appeared on the glasses (lenses and frames) during their usage. Ray-Bans usually last for many years with proper care, and yet they are not made of diamond. Polycarbonate lenses are very easy to scratch.

3. Cracked/broken case. In the cold, the cover becomes dubious and it is easy to break it with a sharp opening. Also, in the process of use, covers often crack at the place of the "button", so we recommend not to close them with the "button".

4. Loose screws. This never happens suddenly, the screw can gradually get out for months. It is better not to miss the moment and inspect the glasses from time to time.

5. Lens defects due to overheating. If you leave your glasses lying in the sun on the dashboard in the car, it is extremely likely that the lenses will become unusable.

Sometimes it happens that even in non-warranty cases we try to help, if possible.

For all non-warranty cases, if it is possible to repair the frame, we will advise an excellent master, and if replacement of lenses is necessary, we will look for all possible options, and if necessary and there is such an opportunity, we will order the necessary parts in Italy.

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