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Why Ray-Ban?

Ray-Ban — these are undoubtedly the best sunglasses, frames and lenses in the world. Classic forms – Aviators or simply "drops", Wayfarers, Caravans, Cats, Olympians, Predators — were invented under the Ray-Ban brand. Most of the advanced lens and frame technologies of the past 50 years has also been developed and implemented in Ray-Ban eyewear. Millions of people all over the world, many Hollywood stars, businessmen and politicians prefer Ray-Bans and not only because of the well-known and trusted brand, but also because there is nothing comparable to Raybans in quality. In Ukraine, Ray-Ban has also been the #1 glasses brand for many years.

Why RB.UA?

Only when buying at RB.UA you can be sure that you are purchasing the original Ray-Ban. Only here you can choose from over 500 different models of Ray-Ban glasses that are definitely in stock. Only RB.UA delivers up to 5 models of sunglasses (up to 5 glasses for free and up to 10 more models for an additional fee) for try-on in Kyiv or sends 2 models of glasses to choose from all over Ukraine (completely free delivery without any prepayment).
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